As a young child I was lucky enough to own & learn to ride horses. I had started my love of small animals running around horse fields catching turtles and lizards, progressing to breeding for coat & color genetics in guinea pigs and selling to the local mom and pop pet store in town. Many years later in my early teens I began showing dogs in Obedience. That lead me to showing in breed confirmation. I worked for a famous kennel where I learned the ropes from Obed training to protection training. This wonderful family treated me as family, and it’s where my love for animals was cultivated to it’ s fullest.

I worked as a Veterinary Technician as I got older and learned the medical part of the industry during this time. Later I branched out,& opened my own training & grooming facility.I still kept my love of horses in my heart and continued to buy babies,grow them up & train them. All of this led me down the road of owning a large Pet Boarding facility,several grooming salons,and several retail stores. I expanded my passion to include: Cats,Dogs,exotics,farm animals,grooming,training & anything animal related. I researched genetics,breeding, Nutrition and Animal husbandry. One of my favorite pets was a camel.

Life changes things....before NJ there was nursing school....working in Dr offices, then working as a General Manager for several well known retail companies for almost 10years.

My roots kept calling to me.....

When I moved to NJ and thought about opening a specialty store, it seemed like a natural thing for me to do. All my knowledge & passion could be used to help people make choices, and best yet enjoy the fur family they had in their houses!

I’ll never forget my canine learning partner “Lady”,and my horse partner “Ricky”.They helped my become the person I am today.

I am happy to now be offering my customers a web based store to simplify shopping and free curb side pick up/Delivery. Same great service, just more stream-lined. Let's face it, We are all super  busy!

Thank you all for your support. I love you all.